Huawei NLP Workshop

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Huawei NLP Workshop

Huawei Russian Research Institute is organising Huawei NLP Workshop. The workshop will be held online at 27.11.2020, the starting time is 09.55 MSK (UTC+3). Please join the discussion group in Telegram, we publish a link for the workshop there.


We welcome our speakers, from academia and from Huawei Research (alphabetically):

  • Alexander Panchenko
  • Anna Rumshisky
  • Andrey Kutuzov
  • Ivan Bondarenko
  • Mehdi Rezagholizade
  • Michael Galkin
  • Milan Gritta
  • Preslav Nakov
  • Serge Sharoff
  • Sergey Nikolenko
  • Valentin Malykh

We announce the themes of the presentations in a meantime.


If you have any questions, you could write an email to Valentin Malykh